Dealing with an eating disorder can be both frightening and overwhelming for parents. Anorexia nervosa and bulimia are aggressive, potentially lethal diseases, and often seem to spring up out of nowhere. Psychologist and adolescent specialist Dr. Tonja H. Krautter has the answers parents need to guide their child through intervention, treatment, and recovery including:

  • The societal influences, personality traits, and life circumstances that can lead to an eating disorder.

  • Questions to help determine whether your child needs professional intervention.

  • The powerful needs an eating disorder fulfills, and why, at least initially, most kids fight the efforts of parents to intervene.

  • Insight into the physical and psychological effects of anorexia and bulimia, including medical complications, emotional distress, social isolation and distorted body image.

  • How to get an uncooperative child into therapy.

  • Individual and family treatment options, including the specific therapeutic approaches that Dr. Krautter has found most effective in her own practice.

  • Combining clinical expertise with real-life examples, Dr. Krautter provides the tools and understanding parents need to help their child, maintain hope even when daily battles are lost, and ultimately make it through to the other side.

  • Identification and understanding of the emerging sexual trends among our youth can leave a family feeling frustrated, frightened, confused, and defeated.

  • We have a new sexual movement occurring in our culture. We are witnessing first hand dramatic cultural shift in regards to sex and sexual relationships.

  • What Every Parent Needs to Know About Emerging Sexual Trends Among our Youth, by Dr. Tonja H. Krautter, focuses on what the trends are and why we are seeing them emerge in our society. In addition, the book focuses on how to avoid the emergence of these trends and how to deal with them if a child is currently engaging in sexual activity.

    Dr. Krautter's knowledge and understanding of adolescent issues in modern society and here skills in communication with teenagers and their parents have coalesced in this useful guide for parents in the complicated world in which these families live. This book is a "must read" for all parents of pre-teens and teenagers for its sensitivity, practicality and frankness.

    Edward Atwell, MD
    Child and Adolescent Psychiatri

The only comprehensive book for the desperate parents of a colicky baby!

Based on tried and true techniques, Krautter offers parents a complete blueprint for dealing with a colicky baby, including:

Listen to Dr. Krautter discuss colic with Rona Renner on the radio show Childhood Matters. (from July 2006)

I have a son who has colic. I had spent many hours trying to find some simple answers to my questions about colic until I found Dr. Krautter's book. Wow, what a well organized book which provided answers to all of my questions. I GIVE THIS 5 STARS AND HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.
W. Rodgan, San Francisco CA